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Northampton graduates team up to form the Socially Awkward Theatre Company

Date 14.09.2016

Two recent graduates and best friends, Millie Hunt and Caroline Avis, met at the University of Northampton and are now running their own theatre company with funding from Santander.

The name ‘Socially Awkward’ doesn’t just represent the social faux pas of the two-piece comedy duo, but also the subjects of their shows.

Describing what the company does, the duo who graduated in 2016 say: “We devise ridiculous stories whilst also tackling and raising awareness of society’s views of young women, including: body image, feminism and support of the LGBT community. We want to prove that women are funny, and can create hilarious pieces of theatre, whilst at the same time commenting on topics we are passionate about.

“We are currently working on our first show, The Noise Maker, which will be previewing in Northampton after Christmas. This will be a free performance, and we will welcome any feedback from the audience.”

The Noise Maker is about two university flatmates who kill their neighbour; it will be written and performed by Millie and Caroline themselves.

The pair both have other forms of income to support their dream career; Millie is a freelance assistant director in London and Caroline is in the process of becoming a teacher in Portsmouth. Using this platform they could help future generations of women more comfortable with being funny, with workshops in schools. They keep up over Skype to discuss Socially Awkward business and meet up often to write and practise scenes.

In future, the duo hopes to expand the company, bringing in other actors and touring the country. “The ultimate goal is to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2019. We are doing what we love, and creating theatre about topics that are close to our hearts. Although we have a tough road ahead of us, we’ll eventually look back and feel the most amazing sense of achievement.”

They received £500 from Santander after a presentation about why the company would be worthy of funding and workshops for the candidates. Support also comes from their talented friends and family in the form of artwork, music and ‘keeping them sane’.

To find out more about Caroline, Millie, and the Socially Awkward Theatre Company: visit their social media pages.

Written by Christy Houghton, BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism student