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New book explores the way racism impacts students in the UK

Date 3.12.2020

A University of Northampton academic, Dr Dilshad Sarwar, has released a new book exploring the impact of race in Higher Education.

In a year where the global news agenda has been dominated by stories of brutality, discrimination driven by racism, alongside the mass protests calling for tangible change to address such behaviour, Dr Sarwar’s book is a timely focus on the state of play within Higher Education in the UK.

In her book, Critical Race Theory: Impact on Black Minority Ethnic Students within Higher Education, Dr Dilshad Sarwar, Subject Leader for Business Systems & Operations, at the University of Northampton unpicks the origins of Critical Race Theory and the way that racism impacts students in the UK.

Critical Race Theory is a multi-faceted approach to understanding how racism operates across society, including through both individual actions and through structural processes that shape the everyday reality in education, the health service, the criminal justice system, and politics.

Speaking about her book, Dr Dilshad Sarwar, said: “Universities are active agents of change when it comes to equality, diversity, and inclusion, but the higher education sector must continue to make considerable efforts to drive racial equality.

“Many of the inequalities in higher education mirror those in wider UK society, universities as educators, have a huge responsibility to accelerate their practices and support the communities around their campuses, to create real change which affects the experiences of people of colour.”

You can purchase Dilshad’s book here.