Mentoring programme gives students a boost

Date 10.02.2021

The University of Northampton’s Events, Tourism, and Hospitality team have teamed up with the online mentoring platform, Otolo, to offer undergraduate students personal mentoring, events, and jobs opportunities, with leading industry professionals.

The Events, Tourism, and Hospitality industry have been one of the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic, but the creative thinking and ability to rapidly adapt to change hints at a bright future.

Matching students to professionals, and alumni of the University already in the industry, the mentoring programme will support students to build their confidence, develop their industry awareness, networking skills and support them to be competitive as they embark on their graduate job search.

This mentoring programme involves a reciprocal relationship between students and professionals, exchanging knowledge, skills, and experience with each other to help them both grow and develop.

Claire Leer, Senior Lecturer in Events Management and Tourism, said: “We’re living through an unprecedented seismic change for the events, tourism, and hospitality industry. This mentoring programme will offer our students a deep mentoring relationship with industry professionals, build their confidence and see how the industry is road mapping for recovery. We are delighted to be collaborating with Otolo on this new venture”

James Knox, a University of Northampton graduate, who has already mentored three students said: “The most important thing for me was the opportunity to give something back. Having been a final year University student myself, I remember well how I wished I had someone to talk to about the experience of the final months of university and looking at entering the industry. It was an overwhelming time.

“I feel it’s important to support young people entering the world of work, and supporting them to understand the next logical step to pursue career aspirations, whilst being under the pressure of assignments and exams!”

James Lemon, CEO and founder of Otolo, said: “While graduating and finding work in the hospitality, events and tourism will be challenging for the next two years, there are still opportunities to build personal networks, gain knowledge and find opportunities across our broad and diverse industry.

“We’re excited to have the University of Northampton as one of Otolo’s launch partners, to create a space on our unique hospitality community, and mentoring platform for alumni and students to be proactive in collaborating, and improving their skills while meeting fellow professionals from the UK, and all over the world.”