Leading Indonesian Professors visit the University of Northampton

Date 13.11.2015

The visit, funded by the British Council, aims to build on the current Indonesian Government’s plans to work more closely with UK Higher Education institutes. They aim offer more International study opportunities following the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the UK and Indonesia.

During their visit, the seven delegates met with senior academics and staff from the University of Northampton’s six schools, to hear about the University’s approach to leadership, strategic visions and the challenges of implementing change.

Professor Darusman, Vice Rector for Cooperation Affairs, at the Syiah Kuala University, in Sumatra, (an area devastated by the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami) said: “I have been very impressed with the University of Northampton. I am particularly interested in learning more about the science and management of disaster situations.  When visiting the School of Health, I keen to learn more about the way student nurses are taught about the nursing response to disaster scenarios.  I hope that my University will be able to work closely with the University of Northampton in the future.”

Professor R Prijoko Prajitnoadi, Vice Rector for Development, Information and System Collaboration at the University of Bangka Belitung said: “I have been impressed by the way the University of Northampton balances academic knowledge and practical skills in their teaching.  The excellent learning environments we have seen at the University, from the library to areas for individual and group work is great to see. The students we have met in these areas have been very polite and welcoming.”

Nicola Rozi, International Officer at the University of Northampton said “We are working really hard in the international office to diversify our international student population. We are proud to have 1400 international students on campus now and look forward to this number growing. Indonesia is an exciting new market for us and we are absolutely thrilled to have the visiting academics from Indonesia staying with us on campus for this programme.”

The Professors are from Syiah Kuala University in Sumatra, the University of Lampung, , Parahyangan Catholic University, Pattimura University in Malaka, Tarijungpura University, Bangka Belitung University and The University of Mataram, Lombok. Their backgrounds cover agriculture, manufacturing and civil engineering.
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