Wednesday 13 July 2016

Pupils from Kings Heath Primary School

Pupils at Kings Heath Primary Academy were given three prestigious awards to celebrate the positive changes they have made to their community today (12 July).

The Changemaker Student Awards form part of the University’s commitment as an Askoka U Changemaker Campus to work with, celebrate and actively engage local schoolchildren in social change. The award’s main aim is to recognise, celebrate and build children’s skills as Changemakers through innovative self-designed projects in their schools and the wider community.

The ceremony took place at the University of Northampton where the pupils were given awards for their achievements. A group of pupils, from reception and year 1, were awarded the Ruby Changemaker award for helping to clean up parts of the school grounds and developing a campaign promoting the importance of recycling to other children in the school.

The School Council, which consists of pupils from year 1 to 6, worked on two different projects which have created significant positive changes to the school. The council won the Emerald Award for creating a successful anti-bullying campaign, which included creating a help desk so children had someone to talk to if they had been bullied.

Pupils were also awarded the Sapphire award for improving their school by staging successful fundraising activities. This has helped them update the schools garden and allowed them to obtain new equipment for the playground.

Lisa Garrard, the Senior Leader for Behavioural Welfare at Kings Heath Primary said: “Our pupils have worked really hard to improve the school for the better by working together and came up with the ideas for themselves. We’re very proud of their work.  ”

Janice Watkins Project Lead (UCEE) at the University of Northampton said: “The Changemaker School Awards are here to help give children both confidence and show them that their teamwork will help to create a better community. The pupils at Kings Heath have excelled at that goal, today is all about celebrating their achievements.”

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