Khalid believes the Northampton DBA is the tool for post-pandemic recovery

Date 9.09.2021

The relentless challenges of the pandemic era have created seismic shifts in the business and political landscapes across the globe and have created a precarious situation for global supply chains. The pressure is on for senior executives to work out how to overcome these challenges and build back better.

Khalid Saif, a former Jordanian Minister for Transport, and University of Northampton graduate believes his Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) is the tool senior executives need to think creatively and problem solve in the challenges of post-pandemic recovery.

The DBA is an innovative doctoral degree that combines the academic rigour of a traditional PhD with the practical application to solve real and complex business problems.

“With so much change across the world, I believe that there’s no better time to study a DBA. Academic research is one thing, and the practical skills and knowledge you develop while in the field are another. The DBA has been the bridge between these two distinct skill sets, which complement each other and have helped me to enhance my knowledge and career. I truly believe that my DBA studies have been life-changing. I’ve learned more about my business while studying the DBA than I did in the years when I was simply the CEO.” said Khalid.

Khalid believes that personal touch and support provided by the DBA teaching team was excellent. Khalid said: “When I was appointed as Minister for Transport, I had to pause my studies, while I settled into this important Government role. The tutors from Northampton remained in contact with me and supported me to know when it was the right time to pick up my studies again.”

Another huge plus of the DBA for Khalid was the chance to meet people from other walks of life during his studies. He said: “The diversity of my fellow students has been fantastic. Our cohort has been a melting pot of people from different industries, backgrounds, and countries, giving the studies such a global feel. You learn so much on the journey by working together.”

Now Khalid has passed his DBA, he has his sights set on a career consulting for businesses in Jordan and the wider region.

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