Kenyan star student has big business plans

Date 21.08.2018

An international graduate who moved from Kenya to study at the University of Northampton is planning to set up her own skincare empire after achieving a first class honours degree.

Marie King lived in Nairobi all her life and moved over to the UK to study BA International Business at the age of 18.

As Marie admits, it was a daunting experience to leave home and take this next step in her education but after researching the University and the course, she knew it was the right move for her.

Marie said: “I chose the University of Northampton because of the course and the fact that it offered travel alongside studying, which I thought was quite exciting. So, I thought, why not take advantage of the opportunity and learn here?

“I had a look at the campus and it came across as a close-knit community and I thought it would be a good place for me to start. I had also met a representative of the University at a Higher Education fair in Nairobi and I decided to look into what courses it offered, and it had the course that I was looking to study – International Business.

“I watched loads and loads of videos – obviously with me being an international student it was quite daunting, coming to new country. I was quite stressed about that at the beginning, but coming to the University, it was a home away from home because I arrived here, there was a friendly atmosphere and I settled into my course really easily.”

Even though it was hard to leave her family and move over, a few inspiring words from her grandfather set her on the right path.

“Before I left for the UK, he told me ‘go there and study hard’. He has done very well for himself, he’s set up a variety of businesses in several industries, including real estate and coffee production.  He has served as a role model for me. Through him, I have learnt that with hard work, determination and a positive mindset, a lot can be achieved.”

Marie’s next goal is to earn her Master’s in Business, then she plans to start her own business, working on something that is very close to her heart.

She added: “After my Master’s I plan to get some work experience in the corporate world prior to starting my own skincare business. The modules I studied and international experiences helped me further understand that business models need to be innovative and agile in order for any business to survive and compete.

“Lastly, I met entrepreneurs during the guest talks, I got to hear their experiences first hand, the challenges that they faced when setting up their own business and they also gave me some advice for when I start my own business.

“I have suffered from an array of skin care issues growing up, such as acne, so I thought why not help try and solve these problems and do it in the most natural way. There is also a growing trend of people investing more in ethical and natural skin care products, so that’s why I believe that it is a good opportunity.”

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