Journalism students in the thick of Northants’ biggest news story of the year

Date 16.03.2018

Three Journalism students from the University of Northampton were at the epicentre of Northamptonshire’s biggest story of 2018, this week.

Regional television news programme, BBC Look East, broadcast live from Northampton on Thursday, to cover the story about an inspector’s damning report into the running of Northamptonshire County Council.

Dayna Richman, Matt Moore and Kaylee Poloczek volunteered as runners for Look East’s special half-hour show, which was broadcast live from the town’s Albion Brewery Bar.

Their first task was to help the crew set up camera positions for an expert panel and assist with run throughs, before Kaylee and Matt were assigned as chaperones for the show’s guests.

Dayna helped with the filming of a pre-recorded piece with presenter Janine Machin, before all three undergraduates helped to clear away kit at the end of the evening.

Dayna said: “I got to see the ‘glitz and glamour’ of behind-the-scenes BBC television. The presenter Janine had to present live outside the council HQ, One Angel Square, then take her heels off and run to the brewery before the show’s headlines were over, and calmly start the show as if nothing had happened.

“The BBC crew were lovely and were happy to help us, even though they were on such a tight schedule – and they seemed just as appreciative of our help, as we were for the opportunity.”