Investigation course name change passes scrutiny from students

Date 27.10.2017

Students have commended the quality of a University of Northampton degree that has been renamed to better reflect the industries it prepares them to work in.

The former Investigative Practice course is now called Criminal and Corporate Investigations (Ba hons), although the content of the course remains the same.

Designed and developed with input from leading investigation, intelligence, security and financial specialists, students are trained to carry out professional investigations to the highest level within commercial, public or criminal justice settings.

Modules covered during the three year degree include investigating serious and organised crime, cybercrime and miscarriages of justice. There is also the option for students to take this course as a Foundation programme over four years.

The University of Northampton was the first university to develop this type of course and is the only course provider to bring together all of the elements that other courses offer, such as policing, fraud, HR law and employment law.

First year Criminal and Corporate Investigations student Natalie Reeve, said: “The name change is a good idea. Investigative Practice is a great course, but I have found it difficult explaining to friends and family what it relates to.

“Criminal and Corporate Investigation better explains the course and clarifies that it can be applied to business as well as a legal career.”

Lorraine Halliday, in her 3rd year of study, seconded Natalie’s comments: “This has been a really good course, with interesting modules and some excellent practical use of the theoretical training from very experienced and professional staff.”

John Fox, Senior Lecturer and Programme lead for the Criminal and Corporate Investigation course at the University of Northampton, said: “Changing the name of a degree is something that is never done lightly. But following research with our students and perhaps more importantly future employers, Criminal and Corporate Investigations more clearly reflects the content and outcome of the course.

“The course content remains the same so students will still cover more ground than other degrees of this kind. Our students graduate with sound theoretical grounding as well as hands-on experience at running and managing their own corporate investigation. Directly relatable to real-world practice, this increases their employment chances.”

See our website for more more detail about the Criminal and Corporate Investigations course.