In the News: 20 Dec – 9 Jan

Date 9.01.2020

Here’s a roundup of the University staff, students and graduates of the University of Northampton, who have been making headlines this week.

Vice Chancellor, Nick Petford, will appear alongside Chris Packham in a BBC Four documentary about punk on Friday evening. The show has been previewed by FE News and the Financial Times.

On Wednesday, The Voice reported the University is hosting an event which shines the spotlight on Black British and British Asian screen media.

Our Senior Lecturer in Journalism, Kate Ironside, was on BBC Three Counties Radio on Tuesday, giving her verdict on the Labour Party’s future (starts 55m).

Kate was also on BBC Radio Northampton last week, letting listeners know where we are, Brexit-wise (starts 1h 10m).

Margaret Bates, Professor of Sustainable Wastes Management, appeared on Talk Radio on Sunday to discuss waste-busting new year’s resolutions (click on 11.30-12 and the interview starts from 4m).

Margaret was also a guest on BBC Breakfast the day after Boxing Day to talk about Christmas-related waste. (Link Expired)

The Chronicle & Echo newspaper covered the news about a financial fund that is helping students at the University.

Dr. Masoud Hassanabadi, Lecturer in International Business & Strategy spoke to BBC Radio Northampton about the state of play in Iran, tensions with the US & his concerns for family & friends in the region.  Listen back at 2hrs 41mins.

How much plastic did you come into contact with over the Christmas break? Dr Simon Sneddon spoke to BBC Radio Northampton about his Christmas, free of any new plastic. Listen back at 1hr 42mins.