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Illustrators draw on their creative powers to complete studies during the pandemic

News Page 30th June 2020

Image by Faith Broomfield-Payne.

Determined Illustration students from the University of Northampton have released their work online after the Covid-19 pandemic scuppered their end-of-year show.

Influx is a fitting name for the online showcase of 11 final year students’ work, which includes animations, 3D modelling, web zines, AR comics and picture books.

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Image by Lelou Ovington.

Image by Lelou Ovington.

Image by Robert Dickson.

Image by Robert Dickson.

Programme Leader, Louise Bird, paid tribute to the group, who were forced to complete their studies away from the studio at Waterside campus.

She said: “In-flux: to be in a constant state of change, has ironically become a very apt name for this group of illustrators. The Coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed the world over the last few months and particularly for the class of 2020 as they begin their careers in a very different landscape, even from a few months ago.

“As the lockdown became reality for us all, the students were asked to leave their studio and complete their studies from home. This they did with great resilience, dignity and calm.

“To have been agile and strong enough to see their projects through – in some cases having to quickly rethink how they were working – shows great strength of character.

“Through this they have inadvertently developed some very powerful abilities; to swiftly and gracefully change and adapt in the face of adversity, to find strength in their own powers of self-belief and motivation and continue to be creative in order to forge paths for their futures.

“For us, the staff team, this showed us that this year group were ready and able to take on the challenges the first steps of their careers may bring.

“The Influx exhibition reflects the broad and exciting field of illustration in 2020 with; animations, 3D modelling, web zines, AR comics, picture books and more and showcases the creative diversity of this group of illustrators. Some have already had picture books published on Amazon, with another in the pipeline. Others have ambitions to open an independent Riso press, while others plan to continue their education with a post graduate degree.

“Whatever they do next, it has truly been a pleasure to work with the class of 2020.”

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Image by Roisin Dolan.

Image by Roisin Dolan.

Image by Hollie Pugh.

Image by Hollie Pugh.

Image by Daniele Matuzeviciute.

Image by Daniele Matuzeviciute.


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