Hulda takes to the TEDx stage to share her story

Date 3.03.2020

Student Success Mentor for the Faculty of Business and Law and UON graduate, Hulda Adao, recently took to the stage at the TEDxBrayfordPoolWomen event, where she spoke about her experience of imposter syndrome, and how unpacking and dismantling negative thought patterns has enabled her to begin to be honest with herself.

In her recent TEDx talk Hulda explored the imposter syndrome, her journey to understand and find coping mechanisms for her personal trauma and hopefully, inspire others to be honest with themselves too.

Speaking about the experience, Hulda said: “Other people tell me I’ve achieved some amazing things, I set up my own company when I was 17, EyeSpeak. I moved away from home for University and graduated with a degree in International Tourism Management & Events Management at the University of Northampton. After graduating, I stayed Northampton, and started working at the University, as a Student Success Mentor, supporting students to achieve their potential. I’m also a Trustee for the Speakers Trust. I’ve been on the radio, in magazines and newspapers talking about the things I’ve done. But I’m not always convinced. In my mind, I’m not doing anything particularly special.”

Hulda believes that if you feel everyone around you believes that your more competent than you think you are, believe that at any moment, you’ll be found out as a fraud, and believe that you only got to where you are through dumb luck, then you’re probably affected by “impostor syndrome”.

You can watch Hulda’s TEDx talk on Youtube where she explores her personal story of imposter syndrome

Speaking after the TEDx video launched, Hulda said: “The experience of being involved in the TEDx talk was overwhelming, but empowering. I shared a very personal story, and laid out some of my deepest thoughts about myself, and my world.

“It was at times painful, and physically tiring, to bare my soul with everyone at the event, and many more via Youtube. It’s made me feel naked, but free.  I’m fortunate that I’ve had overwhelming support from those people who have seen the video of the talk. Putting my whole, truthful, self out there and the response I’ve received has helped me to realise that I should have spoken, far sooner.”

“I’m Hulda, I’m a bundle of trauma, and a handful of hope. Acceptance, recovery and forgiveness is my mantra, and it will get better.”

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organised.