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Have you got what it takes to do a PhD?

News Page 10th October 2019

If you’ve got an inquisitive mind, the passion to solve a problem or want to lift previously unturned academic stone, then the Postgraduate Research Degree Evening at the University of Northampton is for you!

Join us on Tuesday 29 October to find out more about the doctoral studies we offer, study options and what your experience will look like at the University of Northampton.

Professor Matthew McCormack, Head of the University of Northampton’s Graduate School said: “Studying for a doctorate offers you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in an area you’re passionate about. Although you’re well supported along the way, the very nature of doctoral studies encourages you to develop your own ideas, and lets you forge the path you want to with your research.”

The University of Northampton’s growing reputation for postgraduate research was heralded in the Postgraduate Research Experience; with 91% of students being satisfied with progression – which ranks the University 2nd the UK for their support for students to progress and 90% satisfaction with Research Skills.

Research Student Officer, Anthony Stepniak, said: “Undertaking a research degree is a bit of a voyage of self-discovery – you’ll need tenacity, dedication and lot of critical thinking. At Northampton, we have a welcoming and inclusive research community to support you along the way, and many opportunities for research students to hone skills related to professional career development, alongside their academic work, we’ve also got a dedicated workspace on campus, which was designed by research students, to meet our needs.”

Join Matthew and Anthony on Tuesday 29 October, 5.30pm until 7.30pm in the Senate ground floor, to hear more about what’s on offer at the University of Northampton. To book your place, please email

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