Graduations November 2022. Our new honorands

Date 24.11.2022

The University of Northampton (UON) is pleased to announce the latest people who have received honorary degrees and awards, in recognition of achieving excellence in their field and those who have contributed their expertise to the University and the region.

Our newest honorands represent professional backgrounds and industries as diverse as education, medicine, community sports and physical activities and environmentally friendly cosmetics products.

UON honorands November 2022

Dame Ann Limb – Honorary Doctorate

Dame Ann Limb is a British educationalist, business leader, charity chair and philanthropist who was awarded her damehood in the 2022 Birthday Honours List. From 2011 to 2019, Dame Ann was chair of the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership (SEMLEP), which includes the University as a partner. In 1998, she founded the Helena Kennedy Foundation, a social mobility charity supporting access to higher education.

Dame Ann says: “It’s a huge honour to receive a Doctorate from the University. It is something I am honoured to accept and pleased to be associated with a university I have watched envelope and change over the past 25 years I have lived in the Northamptonshire area. I’m very much in alignment with the vision, mission, and fantastic new facilities UON is providing, for the kind of students I care about and doing good things for the local, regional and national economy.”

Dr John Hare – Honorary Doctorate

Dr John Hare is a retired consultant anaesthetist from Northampton General Hospital who has supported the Paramedic Science programme at the University since it started in 2006. Dr Hare’s involvement and contribution have been varied and extensive, including mentoring, supervision, and teaching. He has also been a great advocate for paramedics and has always provided wise and thoughtful advice to the paramedic teaching team at the University.

Dr Hare adds: “Working with Paramedic students at the University has been an absolute privilege. I’m aware that when they come into my environment it’s completely alien to them as they are out of their comfort zone. Coming to see them at the University when I teach here puts me slightly out of my comfort zone, but it has increased my rapport with them when they come into the theatre. The facilities at the University are superb; the ambulance simulator here was one of the first in a UK university thanks to the foresight of its educators.”

Jacquie Marshall – Honorary Fellowship

Jacquie is the former Director of Swimming at Northampton Swimming Club, an organisation the University works closely with. Jacquie has guided athletes along the Paralympic and Olympic Pathways to a host of international medals at senior and junior levels. Now she is Performance Pathway Lead for Paralympic British Swimming and her Northampton successes include double Tokyo Paralympic and Birmingham Commonwealth Games gold medallist, world record holder and UON Primary Education student Maisie Summers-Newton.

Jacquie says: “When I received the letter from the University of Northampton about my Fellowship, I was blown away. I couldn’t quite believe I’d been chosen to accept this award; it was quite a special moment.

“Embrace the whole journey to get to your dream job. There will be times when there are parts of your job you don’t want to do but treat every opportunity as a learning opportunity. Don’t think you know everything. Be prepared to do things that stretch your thinking, stretch your beliefs, and be open-minded. Be adaptable and changeable, accept different situations that aren’t happening as you expect them to happen and embrace all of that. Will help you grow your position in any job you take on.”

Rowena Bird – Honorary Master of Arts

Born in Northampton, Rowena Bird is the co-founder of LUSH. Launched in 1981 on the premise of producing cruelty-free and environmentally friendly cosmetics, it has grown to be an organisation with over 12,000 staff.

Rowena says: “When I received the email asking me if I’d like to have an Honorary Master of Arts, I had to reread it because I thought ‘Why me?!’ I am staggered and thank you, so much.

“My advice for those of you finishing your studies and moving out into the big wide world is to look for your team and find something you love to do. If what you’re doing doesn’t bring you joy, change it. Find something you are passionate about and, most importantly, be adaptable, work hard, be kind and keep your sense of humour.”