Graduate Poppy is an Insta success with reel-y good film opportunity

Date 24.07.2019

It’s been just over a month since her work slayed the catwalks during Graduate Fashion Week, but one University alumni is already preparing for her ‘couturial close-up’.

Poppy Simone Dowsing is a Textiles for Fashion graduate from Milton Keynes whose eye-catching designs combined Seville orange, sunflower yellows and glitter-ball silvers to give a retro addition to the show that even ‘groovy’ lady friends of Austin Powers would be proud to be seen in.

And it seems the cinema agrees, as Poppy’s designs have been picked up by producers of a forthcoming film starring acting legends and helmed by leading British director, Edgar Wright…and all thanks to Poppy’s favourite social media app.

Poppy explains: “I’m all about Instagram as it’s the best platform to share photos of my work and to get word out there about them.

“I was contacted on my Instagram page by a fellow Instagram creative as he liked my designs and he forwarded a message to a movie producer as he knew she was looking for something along the lines of what I’ve made.

“Surprise of all surprises, she got in contact for us to meet up because they were looking for clothes for a forthcoming Edgar Wright film, which will feature a character who also creates her own collection.

Working on a Wright movie instantly felt right for Poppy: “I’m a bit of a fan and so are my family – I’ve sat down with them and watched quite a few and we all enjoy them – so it was hugely flattering to even think That my collection would be considered for a movie of his.

“Needless to say, my family were very happy to hear this and really encouraging. Before long, I was in London with part of my collection and talking with the hair and make-up designer about how I thought they could best use them. My pitch must have worked because they purchased a few of them and they will feature in a cat-walk scene in the finished film.”

Photo of two designs by Fashion and Textiles graduate Poppy Simone Dowsing

Two of Poppy’s other designs.

Details about the production – called ‘Last Night in Soho’ – are sketchy as moviemakers are notoriously secretive about their work until near its premier. Some of the signed-up actors include icons Dame Diana Rigg, Terence Stamp and Rita Tushingham and former Doctor Who Matt Smith is also listed on official websites.

Lips on set are tightly shut about the film: “Even the movie portal has little to say as it isn’t scheduled for release until 2020. What I do know is that on set, it said it was a ‘psychedelic horror’, it’s set partly in the swinging 60’s and one of the characters is a fashion student, leading to us seeing my work in a cat-walk scene. I hear Matt Smith will play some sort of manager character, but that’s about all the detail I have!”

Back to reality, Poppy is busy having her home renovated to accommodate her work by having an in-house studio installed and laying the ground-work for a higher profile: “I’m looking at my branding – getting a Poppy Simone Dowsing website, logo etc. – but I’m getting some fantastic support from a London company called Fashion Crossover London.

“They take designs from fashion grads and feature them in their showroom studio where stylists and celebrities like Little Mix and Made in Chelsea stars go and select items they want to wear, for example in a music video, various magazines like VOGUE. and many other great opportunities. The company helps put forward your collection to the stylists for these gigs”.

“They’ve been really lovely and supportive so it’s great to have them behind me because getting into the fashion industry is so competitive. You really have to keep plugging away because the esteemed fashion houses – the type of places where every one of us sees ourselves – take in relatively few new graduates. The competition is fierce, so I hope that some movie exposure will help nudge me closer to their doors!”

You can see Poppy’s work and follow her on Instagram: @poppysimonedowsing

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