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Get fit and help fight heart disease – research participants required

Date 19.06.2018

Volunteers are needed for research that will look into the effects regular ‘static exercise’ has on lowering your blood pressure and possibly reducing your chances of developing heart disease.

Tony Baross, Senior Lecturer in Sport Studies at the University of Northampton, is leading the study and made the call today for participants based in the Northamptonshire area.

The 16 week study requires volunteers, male or female, between 18-40 years old, that are not already suffering from existing high blood pressure issues.

Previous research has found that increases in blood pressure increase the likelihood of developing heart disease, one of the most common causes of heart attacks.

This research is looking at how detraining (i.e. ceasing exercise) after a period of ‘static exercise’ (where your muscles generate tension but do not change in length), such as pushing against a wall, impacts on people’s average daily blood pressure.

The study will start on Monday 25 June and participants will be required to visit the University three times a week for the first eight weeks, followed by a further eight weeks where they would visit once a week.

The research will cover:

  • Resting and ‘24 hour’ blood pressure will be measured and researchers will determine the exercise intensity you will train at
  • 15 minutes of seated exercise will be completed, three times per week (this will last for 8 weeks)
  • Blood pressure measured and monitored and/or undertake one training session, depending on the ongoing findings from the study (10-20 minutes duration – once a week for a further 8 weeks).

Tony said: “Our previous studies have shown that eight weeks of isometric exercise training can significantly reduce 24 hr blood pressure.  The current study will build on this by trying to determine the detraining effect following the training programme and what effects a single maintenance dose, once a week for eight weeks, has on individual’s blood pressure following the initial 8 week training programme.

“Given that cardiovascular disease is a major cause of death in the UK and worldwide, this research will help shed further light on how we can help reduce its impact.”

Volunteers who would to take part and who fit the research criteria can email Tony at: