Four bloggers in the School of Education shortlisted in social media awards

News Page 16th November 2015

Four members of staff from the School of Education have been successfully shortlisted for their blogs in five different categories in this year’s Edublog Awards.

A community based incentive, the Edublog Awards started in 2004 to promote and demonstrate the educational values of social media. It helps to create a fabulous resource for educators to use for ideas on how social media is used in different contexts, with a range of different learners.  The awards also enable individuals to discover sites they may not have seen.

The four finalists from the School of Education are:

​Richard Rose: Best Individual Blog

​Northampton Inspire: (nominated in two categories) Best Group blog / Best Ed Tech/Resource Sharing blog from the STEM to STEAM project team:

Jean Edwards: Lifetime Achievement for her A Drawing a Day blog:

Helen Caldwell: Lifetime Achievement for promoting student blogging and resource sharing: .

Helen Caldwell, Senior Lecturer  in Teacher Education said: “Our use of the Edublogs tool has really taken off over the last couple of years as a way of producing media-rich communities of practice and we are particularly proud of our fantastic resource sharing blog with contributions from over 600 of our education students: .”

You can vote for your favourite blog (or site) by visiting

Voting closes at 11:59 on Monday 15 December.

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