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EU funding for research into domestic violence victims

News Page 12th November 2015

Jane Callaghan, Associate Professor in Psychology, Judith Sixsmith Professor in Public Health Improvement & Implementation and Sarah Armstrong-Hallam, manager of the UN Centre for Child & Youth, collaborated through their shared interest in issues relating to gender, violence, mental health and children and young people.

“UNderstanding Agency and Resistance Strategies: young people living with domestic violence (UNARS)’ will be a large multinational project exploring how young people are able to find creative coping strategies and how professionals can best support them.

The University of Northampton team will lead partners in Spain, Italy and Greece and Women’s Aid in the UK in the project.

Jane Callaghan said: “I’ve always had an interest in how young people constitute positive self identities in conditions of difficulty and hardship. The Daphne funding is invaluable to the UNARS project and will make a real difference to research in this area.”

Judith Sixsmith added: “It is the first time the UN as a lead institution has made a successful EU bid. A positive track record in EU funding is an important element in applications so can only help colleague across all Schools for the future too.”

Daphne is a European Commission funding stream that is focused on the protection of women, children and young people from forms of violence.

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