Doctoral students see their work published

Date 9.12.2020

Two students from the University of Northampton Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programme have recently seen their work published.

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a professional doctorate with the same status as a PhD. It is the highest qualification available in business and management, designed for professionals who wish to advance their careers by developing their academic research and critical thinking skills.

A key area of the DBA study programme is to create a significant contribution to professional practice by developing existing theories and knowledge.

Postgraduate student researcher, Prerna Kumari, who is studying the DAB whilst living in Dubai, has contributed to a new academic textbook, Emerging Human and Techno-Human Business Management Dynamics in a Globalized Environment.

In the chapter, Prerna’s first academic publication, her work explores the academic concept of evidence-based management (EBM), which she believes holds the key to successfully resolving organisational concerns and simplifying strategic decision-making.

Speaking about having her work published for the first time, Prerna said: “I’m incredibly proud to have my first academic publication. Although it was daunting, sharing my work and waiting for reviews from academic peers, it has been a fantastic process. I firmly believe that academic studies throughout the DBA have helped me reach this first milestone in my academic career.”

The Northampton DBA study programme is focused on facilitated workshops, which provide the academic foundations for a doctoral research project, the main element of the DBA, which is the professional equivalent to a PhD thesis.

It was this structure and process, that inspired DBA researcher, Othman Alyafei, to document his academic experience, in his book, Journey of Knowledge Acquirement Through Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) Study Programme.

Through his book, Othman hopes to inspire other people who are considering doctoral studies. Speaking about this, he said: “I believe the DBA programme is of a quality that deserves to be celebrated. The professional guidance and encouragement from the academic team on the DBA was invaluable and I’m very thankful for this support throughout my studies.

Associate Professor Hala Mansour, The Postgraduate Research (PGR) lead within the University’s Faculty of Business and Law commented: “I’m very proud as a PGR lead and as a supervisor for both Prerna and Othman on their recent publications. The DBA programme at the University encourages and enables students to disseminate their research ideas not just to academic audiences but to policy makers and to the wider society. The DBA programme creates a supportive platform for professional researchers to develop impact on both theory and practice.”

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