Digital learning research wins European award

Date 12.11.2021

A University team’s research about developing digital learning has seen them win a European teaching prize.

The Digital Learning Across Boundaries (DLAB) team are pioneering technology to unite student teachers, teachers, pupils, lecturers and cultural partners across four European countries to experiment and develop their technology skills for education.

The first phase of DLAB was a collaboration between a team of UON’s Teacher Training lecturers and students, teachers from Northampton International Academy and six other schools and universities across Europe.

They focused on how to help schools add art to science, technology, engineering and maths subjects, turning ‘STEM’ into ‘STEAM’. This is because art can enhance different stages of STEM work, for instance providing inspiration, helping make connections between learners and bridging the gap between science and the arts, maximising STEM learning.

In recognition of how it is helping develop teaching, the first phase of the project won a European Innovative Teaching Award.

As part of the second phase of DLAB, the team are looking at how virtual and augmented reality can help young people addicted to gaming to better engage with their physical health.

Associate Professor Helen Caldwell leads DLAB, with UON colleagues Dr Emma Whewell, Jean Edwards and Karen Woolley. She said: “It’s delightful to receive the European Innovative Teaching Award, as it showcases DLAB as an example of outstanding teaching practices within the Erasmus+ programme, as well as recognising the important work of teachers and their schools engaged in European cooperation projects.

“The research is not over yet, but we are very pleased to have received this award as we continue with the next phase.”

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