Monday 13 June 2016

Aspiring photographer Rosie Bulmer has curated a project that looks at the equality of the male and female body which is currently on display at the University of Northampton’s Degree Show.

Inspired by the recent online movements such as the #freethenipple campaign, BA (Hons) Photography student Rosie decided to work on capturing the topic through the format of photography.

She said “I’ve always found that I work better when I have a passion behind the subject and this is something I have always felt quite strongly about it as it links to women’s rights, issues of equality and the over sexualisation of the human body.

“Finding volunteers was challenging. Some people are fine with the idea and can see the bigger picture, whilst others are not and are confused by it. This project has sparked many conversations about the work.

“I’ve enjoyed pushing the boundaries and pushing myself to create something that is a sensitive area in itself.

“I was quite reserved when I began my course, but now I feel that I have come out of my shell a little more. Northampton has a diverse group of people and we all share a common interest and a goal.”

Rosie’s work will be featured along with other students from a variety of courses from the School of The Arts at this year’s Degree Show. This will be running until Sunday 19 June at the University’s Avenue Campus.


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