Comic book creator Rozi draws on experiences of loneliness for sell-out book

News Page 12th April 2018

An award-winning illustrator and University of Northampton graduate has had her collection of comics republished, due to popular demand.

Since graduating from the Illustration course in 2016, Rozi Hathaway has devoted much of her time creating short comics, which were then compiled in a book.

Since selling out the first edition of Cosmos & Other Stories, publisher Good Comics has re-released an expanded edition of the book.

Rozi, who is based in Bournemouth, drew on her own experience of loneliness for the comics and hopes the content will help to reassure those who feel alone.

Click on the gallery below to see examples of Rozi’s work.

She said: “Everyone gets lonely, and now, more than ever, it’s becoming a real issue for people. I went through a rough patch when I was writing Cosmos, and all I can hope is that someone picks it up and feels a little less alone and calls that one person they don’t speak to enough.”

The combination of technical drawing ability and dealing with emotional issues helped to land Rozi a place in the Inking Woman exhibition at The Cartoon Museum, in London.

She said: “That has been my biggest point of pride. Just 100 female creators had their work showcased, and I was one of them.

“The exhibition has now been compiled into a book by Myriad – I was absolutely thrilled to be part of it.”

Rozi, who joined the University as a mature student, credits her University experience for helping her to realise her dream of being a published comic book creator.

She said: “Becoming a student at the University of Northampton allowed me the time and resources to be able to develop my craft, with the support various lecturers and my fellow students. Being able to try out multiple mediums with flexible briefs really helped my hone in on what I wanted to do, and has left me with a lasting style that I continually work to develop on.”

Visit Rozi’s website.

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