Celebrity stylist Nisha Grewal talks fashion and celebrities as part of Subject Futures Week

Date 16.11.2015

​Fashion and celebrity stylist, Nisha Grewal, visited the University of Northampton as part of Subject Futures Week.

In discussion with Hilary Scott on Friday, Nisha talked about how she got started in her career and how work experience is crucial. She said: “Work placements in the fashion world are competitive so try and be super helpful and get yourself noticed. They are more likely to ask you back then.”

She also talked about some of the celebrities she has dressed and how each individual’s style differs, depending on their body shape, height and what suits them. She said: “The girls in Girls Aloud knew their own individual styles and what suited them. For example Sarah was the rock ‘n’ roll one so we would go with that look.”

When asked about a typical day, Nisha stressed that a full day could start at 5am and go right through to 10pm depending on the job. She also advised that freelancing wasn’t a regular income and to be prepared financially​. She said: “Make sure you put some of your pay away as you never have a regular monthly salary. It’s good to have a stash to keep you going.”

Subject Futures Week took place at Avenue Campus from 27 to 31 January and hosted a number of high profile name from the arts and creative sectors.