Business graduate crowd funding to inspire youngsters

News Page 25th June 2018

A former student at the University of Northampton is crowd funding to set up an inspiring UK-wide organisation for troubled teens and young adults.

Business and Management graduate, Hannah Zemzam, is looking to raise £10,000 to organise a ‘huge youth motivation event’ in 2019 to kick-start the organisation ‘ZemZam Inspiring Change’.

If Hannah reaches her target, the free-to-attend event will include motivational talks from guest speakers and youth charities, live music and a networking opportunity with talent spotters.

Hannah, 25 from Luton, has held several motivational talks at schools, sharing stories from her own upbringing, with the aim of inspiring young people from the ages of 14 – 20.

Hannah said: “I had quite a lot of difficulties in my life before coming to University – my mother has always struggled with mental health issues, I had issues fitting in as a child and I was excluded in year 10 and then re- accepted to do my exams.

“Since then, I’ve always been passionate about making changes to the world, from small to large. My goal is to empower young people to be the best versions of themselves regardless of their circumstances. I use my stories in my motivation talks to move young people to start to change their mind-sets and be positive.”

Hannah credits her time at University for helping her take this path towards a career in charitable giving. She added: “I went to the University of Northampton, travelled the world and am now a marketing and events specialist.

“I learned so much from getting to know myself by meeting other people – including my partner who was my class mate from day one. To learning important skills in Business and Marketing which has definitely contributed to my current success.”

To get in touch with Hannah to learn more, donate or get involved, email:

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