Blog: Social care, changing the world one step at a time.

Date 23.02.2021

Last week on BBC local radio, two members of the University’s Social Care team shared their passion for the profession and how it can help toward shaping a better world for all.

Here, they continue the conversation about the state of play for Social Care. Christine Collymore talks about her interest in developing professionals to have the knowledge, skills and confidence to see the bigger picture in a COVID and non-COVID world.


“Despite all of the media and public interest in care and caring during the pandemic, I really think people don’t ‘get’ what social care is and what people who work in social care do.

“It has been said before that there is a certain quality of person who is ideally suited to working in social care. Social care is a broad, professional landscape that involves working with a diverse array of people and communities, with a diverse range of needs. It’s about enabling people to live an independent life using a range of support and interventions to help people do things, such as going to a football match or starting their own business.

“It follows then that social care professionals need a vast toolkit of knowledge and skills on top of the core fundamental, important values we look for as social care educators…it takes more than being patient, being a good listener and, of course, having empathy.

“The misconception is that, after people gain a degree in a social care subject – such as with us at the University of Northampton – the only option is working in a care home for elderly people. Some, of course do, and are absolutely fulfilled providing incredibly important interventions and support for members of our community who need their skills.

“ You may, therefore, be surprised to know that there are a range of other career options. There are drama therapists, activities coordinators, managers, supervisors, advocates and social entrepreneurs who are part of the whole world of professional possibilities available in the social care spectrum. Part of my purpose is getting out there and letting people know about these ‘hidden’ roles and opportunities about how to get there.

“Recently, we were very pleased to announce that we will start a unique, two-year degree for those who can’t study the usual, three-year programme. The Applied Social Care and Health (BSc) programme opens for applications in September and is aimed at people who are working in health and social care and considering leadership, management or entrepreneurial type roles as part of their future careers.

“It’s for those who are looking at the bigger picture, whether nationally or beyond. It’s for people who up for a challenge…and to challenge the powers that be!

“As I said at the start of this blog, there is a certain kind of person suited for social care, in whatever capacity that may be. At UON, we’re all set to meet you and help you on your way to changing the world, one step at a time.”