Blog: Getting strides ahead of my podiatry peers. A student reflects.

Date 25.10.2017

Australian podiatry student Matthew McGovern has just returned home after a brisk three week stint with our lecturers at the University of Northampton’s podiatry clinic. He blogs for us about how the trip prepared him for his dream career and why other future podiatrists should check out our course.

Coming from Australia, I noticed there are many similarities to the degree here at the University of Northampton and back home. But, there are some big differences in how it is being taught, the facilities at students’ disposal and the links Northampton has developed.

photo matthew mcgovern australian podiatry conference

Student Matthew McGovern at the recent Faculty of Podiatric Medicine conference, held on our Avenue campus.

The main reason I came over for a 3 week placement at Northampton was to observe orthopaedic surgeons, as this is an area I am quite interested in.

Of course, podiatry practitioners provide care in a wide range of specialties such as diabetic foot care, sports, paediatrics (children) and orthopaedics, to name just a few.

At Northampton there are several different practical clinics for varying aspects of podiatry but, most importantly for me, there is strong relationship with the orthopaedic surgeons at Northampton General Hospital.

At Northampton, budding orthopaedic podiatrists can observe them in action in theatre.

Even during the brief time spent here I have learnt a great deal in the knowledge base you need to treat patients, which areas of expertise that a podiatrist can access, but also what it takes to make it to the top of your field.

University of Northampton’s excellent podiatry pedigree and national links even saw them chosen to host the first ever conference in England by the Faculty of Podiatric Medicine, part of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (Glasgow).

Universities such as Northampton are providing Podiatry students with a unique opportunity to build their skills in specialised areas of health which aim to provide patients a holistic and multi-disciplinary style of care.

Due to this specialised care provision, podiatry has earned them the respect of many other professionals such as surgeons and doctors alike, with many patients now being referred to the care of podiatrists for many lower limb problems.

In Australia we just don’t get that sort of exposure to the types of cases we could potentially see every day. We do have our own student clinic, the same as Northampton, but the patients we see are just whoever walks through the door and its pure luck if you get an interesting or complex case.

The experience of coming to University Northampton here has been invaluable to me and I think it will be of great benefit to me for my future. The Podiatry Degree here offers world class teaching in a unique, fulfilling area of the health system and I have really developed my knowledge base.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the health system that offers competitive salaries as well as a wide range of variation and specialisation, that is challenging but similarly extremely rewarding, then Podiatry is for you.

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