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Black Lives Matter: A video message from Rayna Miller

Date 9.06.2020

Black Lives Matter: Together with our students and staff, we are in deep dismay. The last week has truly shaken us all. We will use our resources as an institution to educate and change attitudes about racism.

In her recently released video message to students, Board of Governors member, Rayna Miller, shares her thoughts about the importance of facing racism head on and “being the change we want to see”.

Addressing the Black Lives Matter movement and the need to address and educate people about racism in her video, she said: “It was important for me to reach out and show solidarity, empathy and support for our student body, especially our black students.”

Rayna, along with our other governors, help to lead the development of the University, overseeing its strategy and long-term future. Speaking about what drew her to the University, and influenced her decision to join the Board, she cited how important being a Changemaker University was for her, saying: “Our values and ethos are centred around making a change in the world… that could be globally, in your local community, work place or at the university – your world is unique to you.”

Rayna closed her video by saying: “I know as a black woman, I want to see change, and if ever there was a time that we could, together, make a change, it’s now. I urge you to educate yourself, check in on your friends, your colleagues, who may be finding this time particularly difficult. Let’s go out there and be the change we want to see.”

You can watch the full video here: