Advertising students promote the University of Northampton using a taxi and selfies

Date 16.11.2015

Advertising students at the University of Northampton have been given the chance to test their skills by managing the production of a ‘taxi wrap’ – a black cab completely covered in promotional images.

The project was managed by the students working closely with the University’s Marketing Team and saw them bid from the University’s £3,000 Innovation Fund, work on a photo shoot, select design agency Beach Marketing, write copy and use social media to promote the project.

The taxi will be unveiled on Tuesday 25 March 2014 outside the Park Campus Restaurant at 12:00 with students and staff invited to ‘Snap a Selfie’ with the taxi and post it on Twitter as a digital part of the campaign.

Student, Xavier Krasnicki , commented: “We are only first year students, yet we have been put face to face with a challenge that tested both our learning abilities, and our creativity. This kind of project helps us form an idea of how the industry we are interested in works. Developing a real campaign has given us the opportunity to see what our strengths and weaknesses are.”

The taxi will feature adverts of the actual Advertising students and will be used throughout Northampton for a full year, encouraging prospective students to consider the course that will enable them to ‘Work on real projects like this’.

The hashtag #AdStudents will be displayed across the vehicle to give prospective students the opportunity to get in touch with current students and staff on Twitter.