There are two stages to enrolment, these are pre-enrolment and face to face enrolment. You must complete both to be fully registered onto your course.

Pre-enrolment is an online process to verify your personal details and you will be asked to confirm that you are attending your course. All students will receive an email entitled Important Pre-Enrolment Information, which will explain what you need to do during pre-enrolment.

Before you start completing online pre-enrolment, you may find it useful to read the Pre-enrolment Guide.

Face-to-face enrolment takes place at the University where you will be met by a member of staff who will check your enrolment documentation. We will check your personal details and resolve any outstanding enrolment tasks. We will then take your photo and issue you with a Student ID card. This is also your Library card and allows access to Students’ Union events, so please keep it safe as a replacement charge will be incurred if this is lost or damaged. Finance staff will be available if you have any finance queries.

For more information about what you should bring with you, additional needs and fees and funding, please visit the face-to-face enrolment page.

After you have completed enrolment you will be emailed confirmation of your enrolment, and if your course meets eligibility criteria, a Council tax form.