Staff Profile

  • Sian Davies-Vollum is academic leader with twenty-five years of international experience in Higher Education. She has experience of a broad range of University leadership roles across the academic portfolio and holds influential national roles in her subject area of geoscience. She is an international researcher in environmental geoscience, with a particular focus on coastal and wetland environments.


  • Sian has a PGCERT in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education and holds SFHEA (PFHEA pending). She has expertise in developing Environment and Sustainability related curriculum at multiple HEIs in the UK and USA. She has experience in pedagogic research related to research in the curriculum,  leading study abroad programmes, interdisciplinary teaching, student employability and degree apprenticeships, education for sustainable development, and establishing foundation year programmes.

    Recent funded projects:

    Association of Commonwealth Universities Virtual Mobility grant (2021) to support an online workshop for inter-cultural competency of the UN-SDGs. In Collaboration with University of Education Winneba (Ghana)

  • Sian researches the impacts of environmental and climate change on coastal and wetland environments from the geological past and present. Her experience includes leading research teams and projects in collaborative multi-disciplinary teams; field-based research in Europe, Africa and North America and lab-based research in sedimentology. She currently co-leads the Resilient Lagoon Network Resilient Lagoon Network – Resilient Lagoon Network.

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    Recent funded projects

    • UKRI-GCRF Network grant (2021-2022). Establishing a network to build resilient coastal communities in West Africa
    • NERC Digital Solutions to Open Environmental Sciences (2021-2022). GeoCoLab supporting equitable access to laboratory facilities and equipment.
  • For publications, projects, datasets, research interests and activities, view Sian Davies-Vollum’s research profile on Pure, the University of Northampton’s Research Explorer.

  • Publications (last ten years)

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    • Raha, D., Davies-Vollum, K.S. and co-authors (in revision) Beyond climate change. Addressing the interconnected challenges faced by coastal communities in the Global South. Invited contribution Nature-Human Behaviour.
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