Staff Profile

  • 2018 – MSc Neurological Physiotherapy, Coventry University

    2007 – BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, Coventry University

    Rachel Love is the Programme Lead for the MSc Physiotherapy (pre-registration) programme in the faculty of Health, Education and Society. Rachel gained her BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy at Coventry University and went on to practice clinically within the NHS, as a rotational physiotherapist in an acute hospital, before specialising in the area of neurology. Rachel has 10 years of experience working with patients with long-term neurological conditions within a community and clinic setting, predominantly those who have parkinsons and multiple sclerosis. Rachel completed her MSc in Neurological Physiotherapy and the MSc dissertation explored the patient perspective of neurological physiotherapy within the community setting.

    Rachel accepted her first Lecturing post at Coventry University in 2019 and gained an interest in practice placements, simulation and module design for physiotherapy programmes.

    Rachel joined the University of Northampton in 2020 to write and develop the new MSc Physiotherapy (pre-registration) programme, which received many commendations during the validation process. She brings a contemporary approach to programme design, a wide knowledge of practice placement opportunities, experience within simulation and 12 years clinical experience to the University of Northampton.

  • Rachel wrote and assisted in the delivery of certain modules and teaching sessions that had a neurological basis. This included lectures, tutorials, seminars and producing digital resources. She was a member of the practice placement team which linked with clinical practice to ensure there was sufficient placement opportunities for students and provided updates and training for practice educators. She was the lead for co-ordinating all service user involvement in the physiotherapy programme. She also developed specific simulation sessions to enhance the student experience and aid the preparation for starting practice placements. This included using specialist simulation spaces such as a ward and home setting.

  • Rachel’s MSc research consisted of a meta-ethnography approach to establish the patient perspective on neurological physiotherapy within the community setting.

    Rachel Love (2019) To Explore the Patients’ Perspective of Physiotherapy Interventions Within the Home Environment for Management of Long-Term Neurological Conditions’

    Poster submission Physiotherapy UK 2019

    Rachel Love (2019) The Effectiveness of a Simulated Ward Environment as a tool for Preparing Physiotherapy Students for a ward based Clinical Placement – Exploring the Student Perspective

    Poster Presentation

    Rachel Love (2020) Innovative use of simulated clinical settings and their impact on student readiness for clinical placement – the student perspective.

    Poster Submission Physiotherapy Uk 2020