Staff Profile

  • Dr Mosavar Farahani has joined University of Northampton as a senior Lecturer. Mosavar has over 16 years’ experience working as NHS Scientist and Honorary lecturer.

    Prior to joining University of Northampton, Mosavar worked in the NHS for 17 years as NHS Scientist at Royal Liverpool University Hospital. Mosavar worked in the department of Molecular Genetics, which is part of the Haematology-Oncology Diagnostics Service (HODS).

    • SLS3027 Haematology and transfusion science, Module Lead
    • SLSM012 Molecular Medicine
    • SLS1019 Introduction to Microbiology
    • SLS1021 Fundamentals of Immunology
    • SLS3002 Integrated Medical Genetics
    • SLS2010 Health and Disease
  • Mosavar’s research area of expertise is exosomal microRNA in haematological malignancies. Mosavar is interested in the role of miRNAs involved in cancer as miRNAs could represent a potential non-invasive diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers.

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