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Dr. Jim Lusted

  • Job title: Associate Lecturer (Sport & Exercise)
  • Department: Sports, Exercise & Life Sciences

General information

Jim Lusted has been teaching the sociology of sport in higher education for over 9 years. In 2009 he completed at the University of Leicester, in collaboration with The English Football Association. The thesis explored the implementation of the FA’s Ethics and Sports Equity Strategy into grass roots football.

In 2004 he completed a Masters at the University of Warwick in Race and Ethnic Studies, returning to higher education following several years administering international exchange programmes. His first degree was in Sport Studies at the University of Worcester.

Jim joined the University of Northampton in 2009 to take responsibility for teaching the sociology content on the undergraduate programmes offered in sport.


Jim is currently programme leader for:

  • BA (Hons) Sport Development and Physical Education
  • BA (Hons) Sport Development
  • BA/BSc (Hons) Sport Studies

He is module leader for the following modules:

  • Social Context of Sport
  • Sport in Society
  • Sports Equity and Social Inequalities


Jim has recently completed several commissioned research projects with the England and Wales Cricket Board related to equality and diversity issues in grass roots cricket. He is currently exploring the range of interpretations of social equality in sport, particularly among fans and administrators.

His particular research interests lie in the analysis of equality policies in sport, and the barriers to their implementation – especially at the recreational level of sport.

Jim recently supervised a colleague Prospera Tedam to successful completion of a Prof Doc degree which investigated the experiences of Black African Social Work students on placements. He has also acted as external supervisor on a number of MPhil/PhD projects related to equality in sport.


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