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Research Profile

Ms Jane

Senior Lecturer in Fashion

Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology

  • Consultancy

    • 2009 – July – Northampton Centenary of Leather Fashion Salon Show – Show Production
    • 2009 – March – Asian Pacific Leather Fair – Hong Kong, Centenary of Leather
    • Salon Show – International Event showcasing Fashion Leather products. Show Production
    • 2008 – Consultant & Advisor for Northampton Shoe Museum – Footwear Documentary
    • 2006 – Cordwainers ‘Ladies Dinner” Salon Show, Fashion Leather products. Show Production
    • 2005 – April Leathersellers Salon Leather Show, Specialist audience of Fashion and Leather industry representatives & Jimmy Choo. Show Production
    • 2004 – ‘Printing and Surface Design / Embellishment Techniques for use in the Manufacture of Denim Fashion Garments’ – Consultancy and collaboration with Jeans Care Int. Outcomes published by Society of Dyers & Colourists & Colourist Journal – 2004


    • 2008 – Bronze Medal Award Winner for Innovative and Creative Use of colour in Fashion Education awarded by The Society of Dyers & Colourists
  • 2010 – UK Synaesthesia Association Annual Conference with the University of Sussex – March 2010

    Paper title:

    Exploring how to communicate the synaesthesia experience – a personal perspective.

    Paper explores the correlation between synaesthesia and creativity. How working in a creative environment affects a synaesthetes view of the world, interpretation of language, verbal communication, visual information and ultimately decision-making?

    The paper also explored grapheme colour synaesthesia, ordinal linguistic personification synaesthesia and current understanding of what constitutes the condition of synaesthesia.

    2007 – Fashion Forum 2007 – Speaker (Paper: ‘Footwear in Fashion’).

    Workwear, Footwear & Fashion Conference – Oct 2007 – Speaker (Paper: ‘Am I Bovvered?’).

    2004/5 – ‘Printing and Surface Design / Embellishment Techniques for use in the Manufacture of

    Denim Fashion Garments’ – Joint collaboration with Jeans Care International. Outcomes published in 2004 by The Society of Dyers & Colourists

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    • Mills, J. (2007) Footwear and workwear – Am I bovvered? Paper presented to: Director-e Footwear and Clothing in the Workplace Conference, Jury’s Inn, Milton Keynes, 16 October 2007. (Unpublished)
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