Staff Profile

  • Freshta is a dynamic and result driven accounting professional. Freshta has two years of teaching and pastoral support. She taught several modules of the BA Business administration at Bucks New University and BA Business studies at University of West London in partnership with LSST. She has graduated from Aston University with MSc in International Accounting and Finance and BA Accountancy and Business from Birmingham City University. Freshta is a passionate and enthusiastic lecturer, who believes motivation is the key to success.

    • Strategic Auditing,
    • International Financial Reporting,
    • Financial Decision Making,
    • Business Accounting
  • Freshta successfully completed a project on BT Plc company using financial analysis and business valuation modules to decide whether the company makes sound investment.

    Award winning research at LSST Symposium event. Title: “The impact of group formation in Higher Education”.