Staff Profile

  • Areas of Expertise

    Supply chain management, HRM, risk management, simulation and optimisation, scenario analysis, technological trends and advancements

  • HRM & OB Department

    • HRMM079 (Level 7) – Skills for MBA Study
    • HRMM080 (Level 7) – Ethical and Responsible Leadership
    • HRMM068 (Level 7) – Managing Project Teams

    Business Systems & Operations Department

    • BSOM085 (Level 7) – Enterprise in the Circular Economy Value Chain
  • PhD Research (Ongoing): Impact of technological advancements in supply chain systems

    • E-Fatima, K., Khandan, R., Hosseinian-Far, A., Sarwar, D. and Ahmed, H.F. (2022) Adoption and Influence of Robotic Process Automation in Beef Supply Chains, Logistics. 6(3), p. 48.
    • Ahmed, H.F., Hosseinian-Far, A., Khandan, R., Sarwar, D. and E-Fatima, K. (2022) Knowledge sharing in the supply chain networks: A perspective of supply chain complexity drivers, Logistics. 6(3), p. 66.