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Dr. Evangelia Prokopiou

  • Job title: Lecturer in Psychology
  • Department: Psychology

General information

Evangelia is a cultural psychologist interested in the Psychology of Culture and Human Development. Her broad areas of interest are: 

  • the construction of identities in culturally diverse contexts 
  • the impact of immigration and cultural change on cultural identity development of children, adolescents and adults, 
  • identity development in community/supplementary schools
  • constructions of childhood (including unaccompanied asylum seekers, language brokers, young carers)
  • constructions of family
  • the build and space in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services​​


Evangelia is a lecturer, teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.​​​​


Evangelia's research is informed by socio-cultural theory and a dialogical self framework. 

Research projects she has been involved with include:

  • exploring the impact of cultural change on family, community and identity, 
  • understanding the experiences of unaccompanied asylum seekers and personnel in a Greek refugee reception centre and the attitudes of the local community towards the refugee minors 
  • evaluating the opinions of the build and space environment in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (funded by NIHR).

Evangelia's most recent research is in the area of child language brokering. In collaboration with Tony Cline (UCL) and Sarah Crafter (IoE) she worked on a study on Child Language Brokers in Schools supported by the Nuffield Foundation​​​


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