Staff Profile

  • Dr Emma Buxton was appointment as a Lecturer in Sport Coaching at the University of Northampton in September 2019. Emma achieved her BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science at Northumbria University and went on to complete her MSc in Sport Biomechanics at Loughborough University. Emma also went on to complete her PhD at Loughborough University in the Gymnastics High Performance and Research Centre looking at landing forces and strategies on competition mats in Artistic Gymnastics vaulting.

    Prior to her appointment at the University of Northampton Emma was appointed as a Sport Biomechanics lecturer at St Mary’s University in London. Following this appointment Emma set up and ran her own limited company, Spiral Gymnastics Club and was the company director. This was a full-time gymnastics facility which involved coaching, management of a coaching team and business skills.

    Emma is also heavily involved within the Artistic Gymnastics coaching network and is employed by British Gymnastics as coach educator for both theory and practical coaching courses from grassroots through to high performance. Additionally, Emma has worked alongside the coach education department within British Gymnastics to assist in the development of biomechanics content within their coach education system.


    • Completed PhD at Loughborough University in the Gymnastics High Performance and Research Centre (Title – Forces during landing on competition mats in gymnastics vaulting) (2016)
    • St Mary’s University – Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE) (2007)                                 
    • Loughborough University – MSc in Sports Biomechanics (2005)                                                                 
    • Northumbria University – BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science (2001)

    Professional Affiliations

    • British Gymnastics Tutor and Member
    • Biomechanics Interest Group (BIG)
    • SP02010 Work Placement
    • SPO1041 Sport Coaching Behaviours
    • SPO1042 Sport Coaching Science
    • SPO1011 Sport Pedagogy for Coaching
    • SPO2048 The Developing Athlete
    • SPO2056 Applied Practice and Business Skills
    • SPO3015 Theoretical Concepts of Coaching
    • SPO4006 Dissertations
  • Emma’s research areas include:

    • Gymnastic vault landings forces/strategies and landing mat properties
    • Technical analysis of Artistic Gymnastic skills
    • Coaching behaviours and the coaching environment 
    • The coach education and mentoring systems
    • Coach-athlete relationships
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