What to Bring to University as an International Student

Date 5 October 2022

What you will need to do before arriving at the university as an international student, and what you will need to bring with you.

Cleopatra Chigumba

You’ve Arrived!

My move in experience was a memorable and exciting one. I got to fly solo for the first time. I met people from the UON facebook that I started chatting with prior to my arrival. It was an amazing experience.

Student Experience

One thing I forgot to do was sort out my transportation from the airport to Northampton which I would advice you do. Upon arrival my first stop was the post office to collect my BRP, then student information for my accommodation access. I stayed in St. Johns Halls in my first year where I met some of my closest friends. I decorated my room with some pictures I brought from home and that made my first room feel more homey.

Critical Items to Bring

  • letter of acceptance
  • flight tickets
  • copies of academic certificates
  • scholarship certificates if applicable
  • passport and VISA

No Need to Pack Everything


Be aware most are packaged in glass containers and might not withstand being knocked in a suitcase


The University of Northampton is a very diverse town filled with various stores full of exotic foods which are less than a 30 minute walk away. If none of the nearby stores are of your interested you can always shop online


There is no need to pay for excess luggage because you have carried you entire wardrobe from home. There are a couple of clothing stores around the town including Tk.maxx and JD sports. Make sure to pack some clothing for the first few weeks you arrive including a change of underwear


Books take up lot of space and add weight to your luggage. Northampton is equipped with books stores in the town centre so there is no need to worry book-lovers

Cleopatra Chigumba
Cleopatra Chigumba

Cleopatra Chigumba is an international student who chose to study at UON to further their Higher Education.