Juggling Academics and Employment: Top Tips for Finding Part-Time Work While Studying in the UK

Date 28 February 2024

Discover a harmonious blend of academic and part-time work in the UK with these practical tips. Whether through on-campus roles or online platforms, strike a balance that enriches your skills, financial standing, and overall academic experience.

Student Futures

Balancing the demands of academic life with the need for financial stability can be challenging when you’re a student. Part-time work can be a practical solution, providing not only an income stream but also valuable skills and experiences that enhance your CV. In this blog post, we’ll explore top tips to help students successfully navigate the landscape of part-time employment while pursuing their studies.

  1. Explore On-Campus Opportunities: Register with our inhouse recruitment team, Unitemps. You can find them in Student Futures or register online. They offer paid roles, designed to accommodate academic commitments while providing valuable work experience such as being a Student Ambassador.
  2. Flexible Job Search: Look for part-time positions with flexible hours that can align with your class schedule. Retail, hospitality, and customer service roles often offer shift options that cater to students’ availability, allowing you to maintain a healthy work-study balance.
  3. Impact Internships: Explore Social Impact Internships through our Changemaker team in Student Futures, dedicated to aiding organisations in fostering positive social change.
  4. Network and Seek Referrals: Leverage your university network, attend career fairs, and connect with professionals in your field. Personal connections can lead to part-time opportunities, and referrals often carry weight with employers.
  5. Build a Targeted CV: Tailor your CV to highlight skills relevant to part-time positions. Emphasise your ability to multitask, manage time efficiently, and showcase any relevant experiences, such as group projects or volunteer work. Book an appointment with a Careers Development Consultant from our Careers and Employability Service for CV support.
  6. Consider Remote Work: With the rise of remote work opportunities, explore options that allow you to work from the comfort of your home or halls. Virtual internships, freelance gigs, and online tutoring are excellent alternatives for students seeking flexibility.
  7. Be Mindful of Work Limits: Ensure that any part-time work adheres to visa regulations and University policies. International students should be aware of limitations on working hours during term time to maintain compliance.
  8. Prioritise Self-Care: Recognise the importance of self-care amidst a busy schedule. Ensure that your part-time work commitments don’t compromise your well-being or academic performance. Establish clear boundaries and communicate openly with employers about your availability.

Remember our Student Futures team are here to support you in achieving your personal aspirations and career goals. Drop in to see the team or contact them at studentfutures@northampton.ac.uk.

Student Futures
Student Futures

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