Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Clinic (SIRC)

Sports Injury and Rehabilitation at UON

Opening Times and Services

The Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Clinic (SIRC) is now open and taking bookings. The SIRC will be open every Wednesday from Wednesday 17 April 2024 until Wednesday 8 May 2024. For general enquiries or more information about our services, please contact

The Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Clinic (SIRC) provides effective and affordable healthcare to University of Northampton staff, students and our surrounding community.

Our clinic is serviced by our BASRaT-accredited Sport Rehabilitation and Conditioning degree students, with practice overseen by our fully-qualified clinic supervisor to ensure that safe and professional standards and practice is maintained. The students providing services within this clinic are trained in delivering treatment options which can include: Injury Assessments, Manual Therapy, Joint Mobilisations, Stretching, Exercise Rehabilitation, Taping, Electrotherapies and Sports Massage. We aim to develop the treatment approach that works best for, and empowers you during your recovery.

We provide services to help a range of sporting and everyday musculoskeletal conditions, injuries and complaints. All assessments and treatments will be prefixed by a subjective interview during which a full history of the presenting complaint is taken. This can include gathering information on past medical history, medications, hobbies and interests and finally a series of contraindications to ensure we can provide the most appropriate and safe treatments for you.

You can book in with one of our five therapists online:

What we offer

Initial Consultation

This includes a subjective history of how, when and where the injury happened, how the injury is affecting you, and your previous injury/medical history, followed by a hands-on physical assessment of the injury itself. This is followed by and is inclusive of your first treatment – 60 mins

Follow-up assessment and treatment

Here we will reassess your injury’s progress and either progress or adapt our subsequent treatment strategy – 30 mins

Sports massage

Used for part of preparation or recovery from sport, general relaxation or part of your wider rehab plan – 30 or 60 mins

Exercise Rehabilitation

We aim to help a client recover to their best level of fitness following an injury. Our work involves flexibility exercises, strengthening exercises, proprioception exercises, sports specific exercises and fitness protocols – 30 or 60 mins

Recovery sessions

We offer a range of post exercise recovery strategies including pneumatic compression sleeves (Normatec), cryotherapies (Game Ready), percussive therapies (Theragun) and electro-muscular stimulation – 30 or 60 min


  • UON staff, UON students, and Super 7 Employees – 30 min £12.50; 60 min £20
  • Public – 30 min £15; 60 min £25

Payments can be made online when booking or on arrival by card.

If you have any enquiries, please e-mail:

  • Our Address

    Room CH210.2
    Creative Hub Building
    Waterside Campus
    University of Northampton
    NN1 5PH

    Opening times

    Wednesday, 11am – 7pm

    Car Parking

    Car parking is available on Waterside campus; the nearest car park to the clinic is Car Park 4, off New South Bridge Road entrance (NN4 8RP).

    All University of Northampton car parks are privately managed and parking charges are required. This fee will be approximately £1 (up to 3 hours) and must be paid at either the payment machines (card payments only) or via the RingGo app. The SIRC clinic does not take any responsibility for unpaid parking charges and fines that may be incurred due to non-payment.

    Should Car Park 4 be full on arrival, additional spaces may be available in Car Parks 2 or 1 on campus. Alternatively, parking can be located off-campus in the St Johns multi-storey, with access to the clinic via the Beckets Park footbridge.

  • We operate under the current BASRaT and Government protocols relating to clinical practice, use of PPE and cleaning to keep you and others safe. We are still a very welcoming place to visit, we will just look a little different for a while.

    • Before attending your appointment, we strongly advise you to have a lateral flow test carried out within 48 hours prior to your appointment.
    • To keep yourself and all of our students safe, we ask you to not attend the clinic if you have been notified to self-isolate or display any symptoms related to Covid-19 – it is imperative that you do not attend your appointment. Please phone and let us know if you will no longer be attending.
    • So that we can conduct your assessment and treatment effectively, it is important to wear appropriate, comfortable clothing to your appointment. This is to ensure that your therapist can examine the affected area easily. Shorts and a vest are often the most suitable clothing. Please do not wear jeans as these are quite restrictive.
    • Please also bring with you any relevant operation notes, investigation results, medication information etc.
    • On arrival we ask that you arrive no more than 10 minutes before your appointment time to minimise contact with others.
    • We ask all clients to sanitise their hands on entering and leaving the clinic.
    • You are required to wear a face mask, unless exempt; this must be worn at all times when in the building. The University of Northampton supports the Sunflower Lanyard Scheme. While the scheme is not a requirement by law, our University has taken the decision to ask all students, staff and visitors to work with us in doing everything we can to keep our University community safe during the pandemic.
    • You will be asked Covid-19 screening questions on arrival at the clinic for your appointment and confirmation of your consent to face-to-face treatment.
    • As you enter the Creative Hub building, you will see a sign to indicate the waiting and seating area.  A student will meet you here and take you through the security barriers and into the clinic for your appointment.
    • If you require someone to accompany you to the appointment (if disabled or under 18 years of age), they will also be asked Covid-19 screening questions upon their arrival.
    • Due to the nature of close contact during the treatment, while attending your consultation the therapist will be wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This may include an apron, disposable gloves, face mask and a face shield.
    • The treatment couch, patient’s chair, door handles and any equipment used will be sanitized between patients. There will be disposable paper roll on the treatment couch which will be disposed of after each patient. This will be treated as clinical waste and disposed of as per the local council’s guidelines.
  • We understand that sometimes unexpected events occur that mean you need to rearrange your appointment. We request that all clients give at least 24 hours’ notice for cancellations, so that we have the opportunity to fill the appointment space.

    We reserve the right to charge appointments (at 50% of the cost) that are cancelled or unattended without notice.

  • Our use of your data will be in accordance with data protection law and the University of Northampton Data Protection Policy.

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