Podiatry Clinic

Established over 30 years ago, the Podiatry Clinic is part of the University of Northampton’s teaching provision, providing podiatry students with hands-on clinical education. Students, supervised by our team of highly experienced lecturers (all Health and Care Professions Council registered podiatrists) provide patients with a full professional assessment and explanation of treatment options.

Please complete your online self-referral application form on our application page.

As the clinic is not part of the NHS, it is allowed to accept self-referrals from the general public. (Please note: the car park only accepts card payments). You will have a choice on whether you see a student or a graduate/specialist, with the price reflecting which type of treatment respectively. Please see the below table for costs.


Specialist Podiatrist

New Patient Assessment

£25.00 £35.00

Follow-up / Routine appointment

£20.00 £30.00


Podiatry assessment and treatments offered at the clinic include:

  • specialist children’s clinics from 0-16 years
  • sports injuries
  • nail surgery
  • level laser treatment for verrucae and soft tissue injury
  • nail and skin pathology
  • monitoring of diabetic and at risk patients
  • hard skin and corn management
  • bespoke insoles manufactured and fitted (at an extra charge of £42 a pair for patients under 16 years and £62 a pair for patients over 16 years. Cost includes a fitting appointment.)
  • general nail and foot care

If you have any enquiries or questions regarding the podiatry clinic, please email podiatry@northampton.ac.uk.

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