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Podiatry at UON

Established over 30 years ago, the Podiatry Clinic is part of the University of Northampton’s teaching provision, providing podiatry students with hands-on clinical education. Students, supervised by our team of highly experienced lecturers (all Health and Care Professions Council registered podiatrists) provide patients with a full professional assessment and explanation of treatment options.

Self-referral Application Form

As the clinic is not part of the NHS, it is allowed to accept self-referrals from the general public. (Please note: the car park only accepts card payments). You will have a choice on whether you see a student or a graduate/specialist, with the price reflecting which type of treatment respectively.

Please note: our students are in their examinations period then heading into summer break. Due to this we will have a reduced clinics running throughout the summer period, so we will be working on a waiting list basis so there might be a slight delay in getting an appointment with us.


New Patient Assessment
  • Student Podiatrist  – £25.00
  • Specialist Podiatrist – £35.00
Follow-up / Routine appointment
  • Student Podiatrist  – £20.00
  • Specialist Podiatrist – £30.00

Assessments and treatments

Podiatry assessment and treatments offered at the clinic include:

  • specialist children’s clinics from 0-16 years
  • sports injuries
  • nail surgery (between £130 – £300, dependent on number of toes being treated and level of clinician performing the procedure)
  • nail and skin pathology
  • monitoring of diabetic and at risk patients
  • hard skin and corn management
  • bespoke insoles manufactured and fitted (at an extra charge of £45 a pair for patients under 16 years and £65 a pair for patients over 16 years. Cost includes a fitting appointment)
  • general nail and foot care

From October 2022, we will be able to offer our patients the following treatments:

  • Shockwave – Radial shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment used to help with conditions that are slow to heal or resistant to first line treatments. It is indicated for several foot, ankle and tendon problems, including the most common causes of heel pain such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinopathy
  • Swift – Swift is used to help resolve verruca; it works by stimulating the immune system using microwave technology applied via a special probe to the skin. Unlike other verruca treatments, it is non-invasive and whilst can cause some discomfort during treatment, it typically quickly subsides. Each case is individual and like all verruca treatments, there are no guarantees, but usually 3 sessions are required
  • Gait Analysis – We use the Optogait system which is a form of video or instrumented gait analysis. It provides in-depth data on gait patterns as well as slow motion video of your movement. This can be used as part of your regular clinical assessment when a problem is more complex and requires deeper dynamic analysis
  • SIDAS – SIDAS uses an advanced system of vacuum forming and thermomoulding to produce high quality fully customised insoles. Following an in-depth assessment, materials and design of device will be chosen to best alleviate your problems, before moulding and adjusting the insole to your foot

(The above treatments will be discussed where necessary, by the podiatrist during your consultation)

If you have any enquiries or questions regarding the podiatry clinic, please email podiatry@northampton.ac.uk.


Please ensure you read the Podiatry COVID-19 Update page to guide you through how appointments will be structured and the measures in place to ensure safety to both patients and staff.

  • Our address

    Cliftonville Road,
    NN1 5BF

    Opening times

    • Monday: 8.30am – 5pm
    • Tuesday: 8.30am – 5pm
    • Wednesday: 8.30am – 4.30pm
    • Thursday: 8.30am – 5pm
    • Friday: 8.30am – 5pm
    • Saturday: Closed
    • Sunday: Closed
    • Bank Holidays: Closed (find a list of the bank holidays on our closed days page)

    Our appointments run between 8.40am – 3.15pm

    (The clinic may have to close earlier than stated above on occasion due to staff absences)

    Take a tour

    Please feel free to explore the clinic before you appointment on our virtual tour.


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  • We welcome feedback to ensure that we continue to improve our services and where appropriate, we will feed forward to staff and students.

    If you have would like to raise a complaint, please contact us and your email will be directed to the relevant department to deal with your correspondence.

    Please email us at: podiatry@northampton.ac.uk

    Our Complaints Policy

    The Podiatry Clinic, at the University of Northampton, recognise the number of stakeholders involved in our organisation, from patients, students, work place representatives, the staff team and those we do business with.

    We are committed to providing a high-quality service to members of the public.

    When things do go wrong we want you to tell us, so we can put things right and learn from what went wrong.

    We value your feedback when you make a complaint and are committed to responding to you promptly. This will help us improve our service to you.

    Our Complaints Procedure

    Local Level

    If you have a complaint on any issue, please raise this with the clinician supervising the clinic in the first instance if you feel able to.  The clinician will, at a local level, efficiently and professionally, aim to resolve the issue for you

    Formal Complaint

    If the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, or you feel that you are not able to raise it directly with the clinician concerned, then please outline your concerns in a letter providing all the details that have led to the complaint and send it to podiatry@northampton.ac.uk or to The University of Northampton, Podiatry Clinic, Cliftonville road, Northampton, NN1 5BF.

    If your complaint is clinically based, it  will be directed to the Professional Lead for Podiatry.

    If your complaint is operational it will be directed to the Faculty Operational Manager,

    If the complaint to either the Professional Lead (Podiatry) or the Operational Manager, this will be dealt with by the Subject Lead who oversees Podiatry.

    When we receive a complaint, this will then be triaged and logged by our Administration Team.

    What will happen next?
    • The Administration Team will write to you or email you acknowledging receipt of your complaint, normally within five working days .
    • We may ask you to confirm or explain some of the detail.
    • Your complaint will then be passed to the relevant investigator – either the Professional Lead (Podiatry) or the Faculty Operations Manager.
    • The relevant investigator will conduct a thorough investigation of your complaint and provide the Clinic Coordinator with an investigation report to include whether the complaint is upheld or not, the action taken, and what has been learned from it.
    • The Administration Team will then write or email to you to let you know the outcome of the complaint. The response to your complaint will also be held on your patient file.
    • We will aim to complete investigations and respond to you within one calendar month.
    • We aim to resolve your complaint through the process above. However, if this is not possible we may invite you to meet with us to further discuss your complaint.
    • This process is exclusive to members of the public and falls outside of any other University complaints process.
    • If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome, you may appeal to the Subject Leader (Podiatry) which will be the final stage of the complaints process.

    We recognise that making a complaint can be stressful but would appreciate that confidentiality is maintained until the process is completed.

    Download a copy of the above podiatry policy (PDF 75 KB)

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