Campus Security

The campus security team at the University of Northampton is part of Estate Services and has a primary focus on safeguarding everyone within our campus community. We work closely with Faculties and Departments to ensure the best possible service for students, staff and visitors. Your experience at the University of Northampton is important to us and we will always endeavour to provide the best possible service to ensure campus safety.

​We work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide the following service:

Student Support

  • ​Providing wellbeing support for all students on campus.
  • Supporting the Residential Life Team when dealing with incidents involving students.
  • Patrolling residential halls and their environments, providing support and reassurance to prevent incidents occurring to create a secure campus.
  • Providing first aid, defibrillator and water rescue response.
  • Escorting emergency response teams.
  • Managing evacuations to ensure the safety of students.
  • Providing crime prevention and personal safety advice.
  • Co-ordination of emergency Out of Hours facilities support.


  • ​Managing the operational car parking infrastructure.
  • Patrolling car parks and using CCTV to prevent crime and keep the campus secure.
  • Ensuring compliance with the University’s Parking Regulations and issuing Penalty Charge Notices, if required.

Campus Building Security

  • Patrolling academic buildings and responding to alarms.
  • Monitoring and responding to CCTV and access control.
  • Responding to personal safety alarms.
  • Escorting vulnerable people, if required.

Campus Support

  • Managing the University’s electronic access control system.
  • Managing and operating the University’s CCTV system.
  • Responding to all incidents and emergencies (e.g. fire alarms, first aid support, and water rescue.)
  • Reporting faults regarding safety, security and general maintenance for the good upkeep of the campus.

Contact Us

You can contact us on the below contact information:

  • Waterside: 01604 892269
  • Scholars Green Student Village on Boughton Green Road: 01604 893839
  • St John’s Halls and House: 01604 892941
  • Emergency Support: 01604 892777
  • Email:

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