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How we teach

At the University of Northampton, we have always prided ourselves in leading the way in developing new and exciting ways to educate people.  We have a global reputation for the system of teaching we have developed here at  Northampton, which we call Active Blended Learning.

Active Blended Learning is the result of extensive research and refinement by our global experts in the University’s Institute of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. Our pioneering, blended system, also meant we could adapt our courses quickly when the coronavirus pandemic of 2019/2020 struck, enabling our students to continue their studies with minimal disruption.

What makes Active Blended Learning so versatile?

Active Blended Learning is built on years of experience that combines face-to-face teaching with carefully crafted digital experiences, allowing you to study at your own pace and in your own time. Put another way, it enables you to take control of your own learning. No more dusty lecture halls. Welcome to a bespoke, customised experience, more in tune with the world of work than traditional learning and teaching methods.

To achieve this level of personalisation we use small group teaching, team working and one-to-one tutorials that allow for experimentation, creativity, problem solving and feedback. All this is supported by the latest Cisco-systems digital technology which you have access to from your very first day with us.

In summary, Active Blended Learning for you means:

  • Face 2 Face interaction with tutors, small group teaching, team work and problem-solving
  • Activities that reflect the workplace, designed with employers
  • Online resources, materials and information at your fingertips
  • Personal Tutors and peer support to guide you every step of the way.
  • A superior experience rich in digital skills

You can experience this in person or – thanks to the Future Focused environment we have created – online, anywhere in the world. The principles of Active Blended Learning don’t change. You are at the heart of it, no matter who or where you are.


Our new £330 million campus.

  • Designed to adapt to 21st century teaching.
  • Full range of integrated learning environments.
  • 24/7 library and learning zone.
  • Low environmental impact.

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