Sara Ghabr

Health Sciences BSc (Hons)

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  • Year of graduation: 2023

I chose to study Health Sciences at the University of Northampton because it gave me a variety of options on which health areas I’d like to work within in the future, by giving me the opportunity to develop my knowledge on different sectors that I could be interested in. It enabled me to discover that my passion is to be a Children’s Nurse, and this has led me to go on and start a master’s degree.

The aspect of the course I enjoyed the most was when we had to start on our dissertation, because we were able to choose a topic we were interested in and research further about it. This helped me to gain more independence, which was a big part of my university experience.

Studying Health Sciences has given me the opportunity to do a master’s in child nursing, as a health science degree is a requirement to study the course, so it’s enabled me to develop my knowledge and continue further study in an area of health that I’m particularly interested in.

I feel I’ve achieved my goal by completing the Health Sciences undergraduate degree and finishing with the 2.2 that’s required for me to study a postgraduate degree. However, there might be a few hurdles I could face as undergraduate and postgraduate courses are different – the master’s will require more work and studying, which I know I’ll be ready for.

The skills, knowledge and understanding I developed during my undergraduate degree studies are communication skills, time management, critical thinking and problem-solving, taking constructive criticism, and budgeting and money management.

One piece of advice I’d give to anyone considering this degree course is to make sure you work hard on achieving the grades required, as well as completing volunteer work, as this will also become beneficial to you in the future.