Lucy Ferguson

Paramedic Science BSc (Hons)

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  • Year of graduation: 2022
  • Current job title: Paramedic
  • Current employer: South East Coast Ambulance Service
  • Industry sector: Healthcare

Your University Journey

Why did you choose your course at UON?

I wanted to become a paramedic and you need to have a degree in order to do so.

What aspects of the course did you enjoy the most and why?

The practical sessions/skill days helped show what I needed to improve on and also put me out of my comfort zone and helped prepare me for placement.

Your Placement

Did you complete a placement?

Yes, I was a student paramedic in Northamptonshire. I was placed with a mentor (paramedic) and attended their work shifts in an ambulance. My responsibilities and roles increased over the period I was at university. At the beginning it was more about completing observations, communicating with the patient, performing history takes. Then as I got to the end of the course, I was expected to be able to have the knowledge of a paramedic and be able to complete the skills of a paramedic. For example, doing handovers, assessing and managing my patients, providing drugs, cannulating and many more.

Please describe how your placement benefitted you?

It gave me an insight into what working as a paramedic was actually like, by showing me what the job entailed and what I would have to do. It allowed me to see if I wanted to or could be a paramedic.

What employability skills did you develop during your placement?

Communication skills, teamwork skills, being able to work under pressure, multi-tasking.

Do you think the placement helped you to gain employment after graduating?

Yes. I start working for South East Coast Ambulance Service very soon. By doing the course, there is a high chance of you getting a job after you graduate.

Do you have any tips on applying or getting the most benefit from your placement?

Push yourself out of your comfort zone.

What advice would you give a student about to begin a placement?

It might be overwhelming at the start, but keep with it as it will get easier due to the huge amount of support you will get from lecturers, mentors and friends.

Extra-curricular activities

Did you do any extra-curricular activities while at UON?

Yes, I was part of the Cheerleading Society and the Netball Society.

Your Career Journey

How do you think your studies have helped your career or personal development?

Without my studies I wouldn’t be able to do the job I am about to start, or have the opportunity to become a paramedic. All the knowledge and skills taken I’ve from the University have been useful to my current position. Everything they teach is important.

Your advice

In one sentence, what advice would you give to undergraduates interested in this career path or anything you wish you had known earlier?

You are constantly learning, and you have to be prepared for being placed outside of your comfort zone and constantly be developing your knowledge.

In ten words, or less how would you summarise your UON experience?

The best experience of my life and something I will never forget.