Eryn Church

Education MA

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After graduating from my Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Northampton, I decided to take my studies a step further and complete my Master’s Degree here too. Choosing to remain at the University of Northampton for my MA was an easy decision because of the wonderful time I had during my undergraduate study. I find that the UON experience is very supportive, encouraging and motivational. I have always been impressed by the level of support and knowledge given by both the academic and non-academic staff.

Starting a Master’s Degree as a soon-to-be mum and during the COVID pandemic was extremely daunting; however, I quickly felt at ease once I felt the incredible support from my tutors and peers. The online MA option was perfect for me and my situation. It allowed me flexibility to fit around my home and work commitments, whilst still feeling like part of the online community.

I have never studied online before, so I was a little sceptical about how it would work and the level of support we would receive. However, these fears were soon dismissed as the tutors assured that we were all well set up and prepared, even before we started. There is always a point of contact, whether this be the programme leader, module leader or personal tutor and they never fail to get back to you promptly and help you out. I feel like studying online allowed me to hear from peers from all walks of life – we have some students who studied internationally and it is amazing to study alongside such a diverse group.

The MA Education course itself is highly engaging. There are a great combination of modules which promote educational research and theory, self-reflection, and the thesis allows you to undertake a small scale research project for yourself. The assignments are always relevant and feel extremely worthwhile. Also, the feedback received after submitting an assignment is incredibly beneficial and guides you to progress further in your study.

I feel like I have gained many skills during my MA study. Not only have my research and academic skills improved, but I have also become a lot more self-reflective, which is definitely beneficial for my future practice. There are also a lot of opportunities for discussion, so my confidence has increased massively as I have participated in these.

Gaining these skills is particularly important because I will be starting my career in teaching in the near future. Many of the students on the course are already teachers, so as an aspiring teacher, I have found enormous benefit in building professional and personal relationships to really gain an insight into my future career. However, the Education MA at Northampton is amazing because the module variation means that there isn’t one set pathway for the future. The course opens doors to a multitude of careers beyond teaching, which is one of the main reasons why I chose this course in particular.

For anyone considering studying the MA Education course at the University of Northampton, I would advise them to really make the most of every opportunity. Especially for full-time students, the year flies by so quickly, so it is important to make the most of it. The course really can be tailored to your own experience, knowledge and interests, so I would also advise that they use the assignments to really delve into something that they are interested in.