Eleanor Todd

Film and Screen Studies BA (Hons)

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“My course and time at Northampton really set me up for my career in Film and TV, leading me to work at Disney. I studied Film and Screen Studies jointly with English, a fantastic mix to explore in depth the importance of the stories we tell.

“Across my three years at Northampton, the modules on Film and Screen Studies really allowed me to explore all the areas of this industry, deepening my understanding and passion for Film and TV. I was able to tailor the assessments to my interests; which helped me develop my own path, being able to hone in on what really mattered to me. Additionally, the teaching style allowed for great supportive discussions, with small group seminars and one-to-one time with lecturers. This allowed me to be able to build confidence in my own voice and opinions. The passion I had was met by the lecturers, who challenged and encouraged us to think critically and question what we were watching.

“Along with supporting my studies, my lecturers supported me in finding my career path, giving information on the breadth of jobs there are in this industry and ways to get that first step in the door. This was really critical as I had no connections within the media industry and it helped me to understand how I could make a passion into a career.

“I had an amazing time at Northampton, being able to study what I was truly passionate about, and taking those first steps in my career. I highly recommend the Film and Screen Studies course!”