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Counselling and Mental Health Team

Our Counselling and Mental Health Team provide free confidential support to students in a safe space who need help in managing their emotional and mental wellbeing. The team are professionally trained Mental Health Advisers and Counsellors who provide 3 services; counselling, mental health advice and drop-in support.

Mental Health Advisers

Mental Health Advisers provide confidential support to our students who are experiencing mental health difficulties. They specialise in assessing how a mental health difficulty may affect your ability to learn, can recommend adjustments to enable study and progression and will work with you to find effective coping strategies to help overcome mental health difficulties.

They can advise and support you in applying for Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) if you have a diagnosed mental health condition.  For more information please visit the gov website.


Counselling can give you an opportunity to explore, discover and clarify ways of living more resourcefully with a greater sense of fulfillment.

Counselling may be concerned with addressing and resolving specific problems, making decisions, coping with crises, working through conflict, or improving relationships with others.

Our Counsellors will listen and support to help you make sense of your situation and find your own answers.  They recognise you may need other help and will assist you in making, or accessing, the appropriate resources or agencies when necessary.

Appointments and Drop-ins

Our Counsellors and Mental Health Advisers offer drop-ins that last 20 – 30 minutes and are ideal if you feel that you only need one session or want to find out whether talking therapy is the right approach for you.

Both services also offer bookable appointments of up to 6 sessions, and a counselling intake appointment can be requested through our online form. For students who have funding for mental health mentoring with the university via DSA, longer term support is available.

Drop-in sessions (term-time only)

Ground floor, Learning Hub, Waterside Campus

  • Monday: 11am – 1pm
  • Tuesday: 11am – 1pm
  • Wednesday: 1pm – 3pm
  • Thursday: 11am – 1pm
  • Friday: 11am – 1pm

Contact us

Counselling & Mental Health Team
The Learning Hub, Office 011
University Drive


Mental Health 

  • Counselling

    We offer short term counselling of up to six sessions, which provides an opportunity for you to explore and make sense of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

    Every student we see has a unique set of circumstances and requires different levels of support.  Some of the concerns students typically come to see us about include:

    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Transitions
    • Settling in
    • Relationships
    • Bereavement and Loss
    • Self and Identity
    • Anger
    • Self-harm / Injury
    • Suicidal thoughts

    Mental Health Advisers

    • Up to 6 sessions of one-to-one support from our mental health advisers to explore practical solutions and strategies to improve mental wellbeing
    • Guidance for Disabled Student Applications (DSA)
    • Academic Inclusion Report which recommends adjustments to enable academic progression such as exam adjustments.
    • Support with speaking to tutors and other university departments
    • Support and liaison with NHS services prior to arriving on campus as well as support and signposting to relevant services and organisations
    • Information visits over the summer to meet a member of the team prior to starting your course

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