Dyslexia and screening tests

Dyslexia Screenings

If you believe you may have dyslexia, a free dyslexia screening can be arranged for you.

ASSIST offer initial screenings for dyslexia for students. Anyone who has not had any previous form of testing may book a screening test. The screening will not diagnose dyslexia but it will determine whether you need to be referred for the full diagnostic assessment. Screenings are offered free of charge, however, if you fail to attend your appointment or do not provide sufficient notice of a cancellation (one working day) you may be refused another screening appointment.

The dyslexia screening comprises of computer-based tests and paper-based tests. At the end of the screening you will be given a probability of being dyslexic and dependent on the results we will go through the next steps with you.

To find out more or to book a dyslexia screening, please send an email to ASSIST@northampton.ac.uk including your name and contact details.

Please note: a screening is not sufficient evidence to apply for exam adjustments or Disabled Students Allowances (DSA) and you will need to have a full diagnostic assessment to be eligible for this support. The full assessment is the only standardised process through which the nature and level of a student’s difficulties can be determined.

What happens at a screening test?

The screening test will usually last for at least one hour, depending on your particular difficulties. An accredited dyslexia screener will:

  • explore your difficulties and explain the screening process
  • guide you through the screening process, including a coloured overlay test
  • explain your results
  • advise you on your best course of action
  • email your screening test results to you

Diagnostic Assessment

If the results of your screening indicate dyslexia, you will be referred externally for a full diagnostic assessment. Students can apply for a Diagnostic Assessment Award (access restricted to current students) for up to £350 to help towards the cost of their diagnostic test prior to applying for Disabled Students’ Allowance.

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